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Thrifting Love

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 2:27PM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -

Angels Costumiers Sell Off Duplicate Stock


So can I say I love thrifting! I get such satisfaction filling a bag with Fendi, Escada or vintage 70's jeans for $10. For me its thrilling scouring through racks for retro, vintage and barely used clothes! And don't get me started on toys! That's how I revived my love for thrift, I wanted quality wooden toys for my children with out the triple digit price tag. I would find the most amazing hand carved wooden trains and trucks. Not to mention thrift celebrates a larger philosophy of recycling. I also love consignment but that's another blog. If you follow locally these are some of my favorites, NAMI on Parklawn dr Rockville MD it's best for adult clothes and house hold furniture, Unique Thrift on Veirs Mill rd Wheaton MD I find great children's clothes, toys and adult clothes. If you don't follow locally I would encourage you to check out Goodwill, Salvation Army and your local NAMI. I almost forgot most stores have customer appreciation days with 25 percent off and or designated days with 50 percent off the department of the day! All proceeds go to the foundation you are supporting. Don't forget to continue the cycle and donate!


Extreme Scootering

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 6:51PM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -

I have been know to say that I wanted surfer/skater kids. Children who think out of the box that push the limits that are fearless. When Sophia was 18 months she could scale a rock climbing wall that was suggested for 6-11 year olds. At a year old Gabriel would crawl to the crushing waves of the ocean until the waves soaked him. I am constantly looking for toys and equipment to challenge my kids. Sophia who is almost 4 and Gabriel who is 2, both have Mini Kick Scooters the ultimate in scooters! Its intuitive design is brilliant. The Mini Kicks unique "lean and stear " allows the children to maneuver the Mini Kick with there body weight from side to side, surfing the side walks! The three wheel design is unmatched and provides stability and control with two wheels in the front and the single  spooner  provides extra control and is great for dramatic effect. I could go on forever... Sophia has already mastered some amazing tricks from this well engineered scooter. It's crazy how fast she can go and make an immediate brake so smoothly. Gabriel is working on a whole set of tricks of his own. These scooters are a must! It has been amazing for both of my kids confidence. Don't be detoured by the suggested age (3-5). Gabriel got his Mini Kick when he was just turning 2. It's been so awesome watching the different ways they have mastered the Mini Kick!



Retro chic

Thu, 04/21/2011 - 9:04AM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -

I just can't get enough! American Apparel is a must for children. In her own words Sophia,"looks fantistico!" Her pocket romper in purple has a retro feel, that takes me back to an era when kids clothes were so vibrant and playful. My favorite thing about American Apparel is most of the children's clothes are unisex! The salt and pepper zip up hoody is the epitome of style and comfort. I dress my superstars in the same shirts and hoodies and they add there own flare to set them selves apart. BONUS American Apparel is made in the USA!


It's a small world

Mon, 04/18/2011 - 8:07PM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -

Gabriel is wearing Disney's It's a small world koi fish TOMS and short sleeve T-shirt

We Love to support profit for a purpose companies, Disney's it's a small world collection exclusively at Nordstroms, teamed up with TOMS ,Trumpette and unicef . Every time you purchase any feed items from the collection  unicef will  provide vitamin supplements to children in need. Even better if you buy a pair of  TOMS part of  Disney's It's a small world, a child in a third world country gets a pair of shoes its TOMS one for one. Japanese spring the debut collection is playful and has the sweetest prints! You also get a Mary Blair original print! (while supplies last) Get behind a good cause and look good doing it.



Lushalicious I feel so delicious!

Sun, 04/10/2011 - 6:52AM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -







I feel new and young again! Do you remember what it was like before children, thirty minute showers, hour long baths, perfectly pedicured nails? If you are anything like me those days are now rare and are a mega treat! WARNING I am about to make a bold claim, I feel like I did before children HONESTLY my skin is glowing everywhere from head to toe!  And in less the time I used to dedicate to myself. Theses are just my top three LUSH picks for my body, I have a whole face skin regimen that is amazing! Buffy Body Butter is genius its handmade with rice, beans almonds, and shea butter. It slays cellulite  and softens skin like no other! You don't have to moisturize after but I do for an extra Aphrodite like feeling with the Mange too. It's made with white chocolate, honey, bananas and peppermint oil and it's totally edible so you can have a massage party with someone special!  Dorothy Bubble Bar for the little ones. My children love it, the bubbles are so dense so they last for a long time, the water is blue and is filled with the fragrant smells of orange blossoms and fresh fruit. Don't worry it's super gentle and this is coming from a ME a mother of  Two sensitive chillums.  Lush is all handmade with the best quality ingredients  and also makes vegan products. Ps. I also use the Love Lettuce Mask, Angels On Bare Skin,Dark Angels, Tea Tree Water, Eau Aroma, Imperialis, Shimmy Shimmy and Glitterbug. They are all so amazing but if i were to write about them all this blog would never end! They give samples so get a bunch and figure out what works for you have fun! This was written all the while my face mask was drying have fun and rejuvenate yourself!







We loves our self some mink!

Sun, 03/27/2011 - 6:50PM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -

Mink by MinkShop on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/minkshop


Forget those mass manufactured high end wallets! How about a one of a kind custom hand made wallet. Check out my new super fly wallet! Rebecca Joy Smith the Creator and designer of Minkshop has a unique talent for paring colors and fabrics. All the fabrics are hand chosen and sewn from her magical finger tips. Mink has a whimsical/Retro feel that anybody would love! Minkshop is currently donating 40% of any purchase to relief efforts in Japan via the Red Cross. Support great work and be stylin!


My blog turned into a magazine, well sort of...

Fri, 03/11/2011 - 9:39AM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -

Sophia is wearing a Naartjie vest and matching leggings.


Just got the debut Lucky Kids Magazine and my ADD is on overdrive, everything I love or want to blog about is in this magazine! The best children's clothes from American apparel, Olive juice, Stella McCartney kids, Gap kids to Etsy and many more. Not forgetting the best products Bento boxes, California Baby, Weleda Baby and much more. The "All about you" section is FABULOUS.  I love the  "things to do instead of chopping your hair off", I can't even remember how many times I've said that! The ombre look (Irene whoop whoop!) that  I am currently mommying and promoting to everyone and everywhere, and all the other  hair possibilities are thrilling.

Lucky Kids Magazine is a must have for all bite size fashionistas and their glam moms!




New Do from "Beiber Fever" to "Chase Crawford" (:

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 2:50PM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -

Absolutely love his hair cut - shout out to Kim Milligan at Progressions salon! It's the most amazing salon, wonderful customer service, and has the best hair stylists. I can be pretty meticulous about the styling and cut of my superstars' hair, and previously we did the surfer boy/Beiber look. Kim is amazing, she actually LISTENS and works magic on wiggling children, making the Chase Crawford hair style look not only hot on young guys but so cute for a little toddler.




Fashionista's get ready!

Mon, 03/07/2011 - 7:19PM by Camila Ruano 0 Comments -

I am so excited to share where all my money goes! I consider my self well informed on all things children and i love sharing so get ready and follow.

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